Caterpillar Innovation


曾道人头 Making Sustainable progress possible is our motto and we make it happen through innovation and collaboration.

Caterpillar employees have turned their passion for product development into innovations that create customer value and make the world a better place.

Check out Six Caterpillar Technologies Creating Customer Solutions and the 10 Ten Ways Caterpillar Changed the World

Customer Solutions

Build the Future

We have a long history of innovation and using leading-edge technology to provide customer solutions such as additive manufacturing, autonomous machines and data analytics.

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Open Innovation

Caterpillar partners with industry, government and academic institutions around the world to leverage world-class expertise and speed up the pace of r&d for the benefit of our customers.

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Happening Now

News & Events

Progress never stops. And neither do we. Explore the latest news and recent events in the world of Caterpillar innovation.

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Caterpillar Ventures

Caterpillar Ventures makes strategic, minority interest investments in early–round ventures to help founders around the world grow and scale their businesses.

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